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Frequently asked questions

Will you design my kitchen for me?

In order to keep costs down and appeal to more budget-focused projects, our Affordable Indulgence Kitchen range has been launched with the intention that the customer designs their own kitchen. We are however happy to talk you through your design should you have any questions or queries, please Contact Us and request a call back.

We also offer a service in which our designers can draw up your own design to provide you with plans and 3D imagery so that you can visualise your cabinets before you order, you will need to provide us with your room dimensions and cabinetry layout. This will also allow us to check that you have everything you need for a practical and functional kitchen. We charge a £250 fee for this service which can be purchased here, we will contact you once we have received your request.

If you feel that you require more guidance, please Contact Us so that one of our designers can work on a bespoke design for you.

Do you come on site to measure?

For our Affordable Indulgence Kitchen range, we work from dimensions or plans supplied by the customer. If you are not confident in taking your own measurements, you should consider asking a local builder or tradesman to assist you with this.

Are the Affordable Indulgence Kitchens easy to fit?

Our Affordable Indulgence Kitchen cabinetry range is simple and easy to fit for a semi-competent DIY-er, however tools are required. Our in-frame cabinetry with traditional cornicing and skirting is a little bit different to standard cabinetry so please read through our Fitting Guide for further advice.

What materials are your kitchens made from?

Our Affordable Indulgence Kitchen cabinetry is made from a combination of wood materials that are chosen for their suitability and durability.  The 18mm doors, drawer fronts and frames are mounted onto solid built plywood carcasses. All drawers boxes are made from solid oak with dovetail joints.

Will my cabinetry arrive fully painted?

We provide your cabinetry fully painted in your chosen colour from the Little Greene paint range. We use their Intelligent Eggshell paint on our cabinetry as it provides a durable finish and great coverage. We spray paint the cabinets in our workshop so that it is fully painted, but we do recommend that a final coat is hand painted on site once it is fitted. This final step ensures a high quality finish and covers up any marks or scratches that might have occurred during the installation. You can purchase this additional Intelligent Eggshell paint from our website.

What are your lead-times?

The lead time for our Affordable Indulgence Kitchen range can vary greatly depending on the size of your order. Please Contact Us to discuss and arrange the delivery of your cabinetry. If you have specific timescales for your project then we will always try to accommodate a delivery date that works best for you. Please keep in mind that during the lead up to Christmas this may be more difficult as it is usual for us to have an extended lead time.

Why are some end panels deeper than 600mm?

Standard kitchen cabinetry is fitted at 600mm deep, our End Panels are supplied slightly larger to allow you to cut (scribe) the panel to perfectly follow the profile of the wall, this ensures that there are no gaps. You can also purchase End Panels at a bespoke depth in case you wish to fit your cabinetry deeper or shallower than 600mm.

Why do some integrated appliances only require a door?

Integrated undercounter appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine simply slot into a gap left between the adjacent units. The appliance door can then be fitted to your integrated appliance. A top panel is also supplied to fill any small gap above your appliance. 

Please note – the appliance must be an integrated model to allow the door to be fitted, non-integrated appliances are too deep to have a door in front. We recommend an end panel to be fitted to the inside of each of the adjacent units, so that the unpainted carcasses aren’t visible.

Do you supply fixings for my walls?

We don’t supply the fixings for your walls as you will require specific products that are suitable for the walls you have at home. Please research your wall type and ensure you use the correct method and number of fixings required.

What type of worktops can I use?

You can fit any type of worktop above our cabinetry. You can purchase Solid Oak Worktops from our website but we also recommend quartz as a brilliant choice for hardwearing and beautiful worktops.

Can I fit any knobs or handles?

You can indeed fit any hardware that you have purchased yourself. Our doors and drawer fronts are 18mm thick so you will need long enough screws to pass through the material or you can countersink the screw.

Can I install the cabinetry over underfloor heating?

We wouldn’t advise installing over underfloor heating as this can cause the units to warp if the materials expand in the heat.